Fight for a Fair Distribution of Your Marital Assets

Fight for a Fair Distribution of Your Marital Assets

Hire an equitable distribution attorney in Spring Hill, FL

Even divorces that start out friendly and cooperative often become emotional once money is involved. Make sure you have an equitable distribution attorney on your side so you can argue for your fair share of the marital assets.

The Law Office of Karen C. Ozyjowski, PA understands equitable distribution law in Spring Hill, FL. Since Florida law states that all marital property will be divided evenly, our equitable distribution attorney will help you make a case for what property is marital or separate.

Team up with Karen C. Ozyjowski to fight for ownership over your property.

Build a case for your share of the assets

In every divorce, the court will ultimately decide whether marital assets should be divided equally or not. If you want to argue for unequal distribution, our equitable distribution attorney can help you examine the details of your marriage and build your case. We'll examine factors such as:

  • Contributions of both spouses to the marriage, from child-rearing to income
  • Future economic situations and opportunities of both partners
  • Benefits of keeping ownership over the marital home, jointly-owned business or other assets
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